Swing Jacket - Golf Training Aid Left and Right Handed Options Available

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Swing Jacket Golf Training Aid!
Biggest Selling Golf Training Aid In The Usa!
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The new Swing Jacket Tour Stops ensure that every swing is on plane, approaches the ball from the perfect inside path AND releases like a Tour Pro.

The adjustable Tour Stops snap onto your Swing Jacket's rails giving you the ability to customize your Swing Jacket for your game.

The Tour Stop on the left rail puts you in the perfect position for an on plane, on path downswing by preventing your right arm from getting trapped behind you.

The Tour Stop on the right rail at your address position will stop the right arm chicken wing, will encourage a more complete rotation of your torso through impact and will force you to release the club at impact.

This high tech golf swing vest is being used on the practice tee at PGA Tour events by many of the top golfers in the world today.

Some of the largest teaching academies in North America are making this golf swing jacket a part of their teaching programs because it makes teaching professionals more effective, and gets immediate results for students.

No matter what your game is like today, no matter how athletic you are and no matter how much experience you have as a golfer, our extensive testing tells us that the Swing Jacket golf training aid is going to make you a better player right now!