New Year New Handicap!!!

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New Year New Handicap!!!

Firstly Happy New Year to all our customers and subscribers from the Golfdealers team! If you have not subscribed to our mailing list please do as this year we are going to have some fantastic deals and offers on our newsletters with discount codes too!

So how about one of your New Year resolutions being to lower your handicap, something we are aiming at all the time to be honest but this time actually do something about it!

We have the prefect aid to help you do this in the form of the SwingJacket Golf Training Aid! This is by far one of the best training aids on the market and I can personally vouch for it!

This has become the best selling and most effective Training Aid in the USA and we are now the UK distributors of these. 

The Swing Jacket physically guides golfers through a powerful, high preformance swing - perfectly.  Experiencing what a Hogan-like swing actually FEELS like , shot after shot, makes memorizing 'that' swing seem effortless.   No more wasted time beating balls hoping this time you'll get 'it'. No more grinding through a bunch of swing thougthts.

The ONLY product that comes with a Great Swing Guarantee 

Even The Toughest Equipment Critics Are Raving

“I was skeptical at first”

With all honesty I was skeptical about the Swing Jacket. I thought it would be cumbersome and swing restrictive. After 10 swings I was hooked. 
~ Greg Sampson, New England Golf Monthly Magazine

“Worth the time and money”

“We usually don’t spotlight training adis because so few are worth your time and money, I think the Swing Jacket is different, . . In our testing the product actually works as promised.”
~ABC Television (Capital Golf Weekly, Washington, DC)

Automatically Fixes:

Over-The-Top | Casting | Chicken Wing | Over Swinging | Weak Shots

Take Our 10 Swing Challenge.

It's so simple - its sounds ridiculous. You'll need to witness it  for yourself  .


Click Here To Watch It In Action

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