Tour Striker Training Aid - 52 Degree Wedge - New

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Brand New Tour Striker 52 Degree Wedge Training Aid!

Available in Steel Shaft

Designed for right-handed players who want to attain better impact position, the Tour Striker 52 Degree steel wedge is the perfect choice for practicing slow swings, includes a resilient steel shaft and aids your overall rhythm and stroke balance.

The club is suitable for mid-to-high handicap golfers and it forces more precision for confident and clearer shots. Furthermore, it’s excellent for building very important lag increase as well as delivers more potential power to ensure efficient and successful swings.

  • Gender: Mens; Dexterity: Right hand; Increases Lag;
  • Improves Impact Position to Become Closer to Tour Quality;
  • Suitable for Mid-to-High Handicap Golfers (10 & above);
  • Perfect for Slower Swing Speeds;
  • Enhances Ball Striking; Shaft: Steel;