If you watch Sky Sports then you’ll know who Paul McGinley is.  He’s Sky’s main golf commentator and this week he put up a very strong argument as to how the game will benefit from an appearance at Rio next year.  As you may know, golf is being reintroduced to the Olympics in 2016, something that’s gaining somewhat of a mixed reaction across the sport.

McGinley emphasises how golf has ‘flat-lined’ as of late as a sport.  Even Adidas is selling off its golf equipment brands, as we detailed last week.  Inclusion in the Olympics should serve to promote the game.  There’s now an opportunity to showcase golf at the biggest, most watched sporting occasion in the world and it should perhaps be time for all who work in the golf industry to thoroughly embrace this opportunity! 

Indeed, the Olympics and its history deserve respect and including golf in the Olympics is like being offered a top table in sport.  Golf as a whole should clinch it and we totally agree with that here at GolfDealers.

With just a few months now until next years Olympics we can’t wait to see some top-notch golf equipment, golf clubs, and of course, golf!  In the meantime, if you’re after a new set of golf clubs, GolfDealers sells a superb array of new and ex demonstrating golf equipment, as well as used and second hand golf clubs!